Cloud storage with some awesome extras is a website that provides several tools in one.
The first thing you get is 1TB to store your files, download them or stream them.
The second extra is that you can remotely fetch files, this means that even when you are not at your pc or on a super fast internet you can get your files just by pasting the lnk to download them. You don’t need to download them on your pc to then upload them to the cloud, you save time and data.
The third extra is that is comes with a private vpn, this way not only are you saving time, you are saving your privacy.
There is simply very few other companies that offer this much.
You can transfer and collect to your cloud on, you can browse the files you have uploaded, stream them (watch a video online) or download it.
The web intefase is easy to use, and they even integrated an API that will allow you to automate tasks (if you know how to use API – Zapier is one of the ways)
What are the advantages of each tool?
STORAGE- using their network of servers you always get the file the fastest way possible.
The files are then optimized for straming – or you can use the original quality – your choice.
You have 1000GB of spave (1TB) which is plenty (and you can always use their FTP to download the files to your pc and keep your space available to download more files.
Virus and malware protection are integrated, that means you are protected.
This means your privacy is protected no mater what – so not ven you ISP can see what you are doing.
How remote downloads work (and this is the cherry on the cake)
You get 25 parallel slots (meaning you can download to your cloud 25 files at the same time)
You can also download and stream at the same time, meaning that the doqwnloads do not clog up your connection.
And since this is done over the server network with a highspeed internet connection, downloads are super fast.
Downloading is super easy:
  1. copy the link to the media file
  2. paste the link to the downloader and submit
  3. enjoy your file or even strem it
There is nothing to install on your computer, it is all in the cloud.
They also went the extra mile and added automatic subtitles and quality optimization.
They provide broser extentiosn and API support – they are amazing!
Automate with RSS feeds
If you are a super fan of a website and they have an RSS feed you can automate file downloads from the feed. will automatically look for the files and download them to your cloud drive.
You get to choose if you want to download all or just new ones.
All finished jobs are stored ina separate folder in your cloud.  
VPN – This is a first for me, a company that gifts you a VPN connection so you can protect your privacy AND access sites that are not allowed in your country or region.
This is awesome by itself and is never free anywhere.
The interfase is SUPER easy. They removed all clutter from the website so the options are straight up
Transfers is where you paste the links that you want to save to your drive – just paste the link and submit and let the magic happen.
My Files – this is where your files are stored, you can create new folders (to sort your files), upload files (it is still a cloud drive to store your files).
Features – this is where you access all the extras. 
This is what you get
Cloud storage (we have covered already
Remote downloader (covered) and you can also open magnet links automatically
Apps and plugins:
    Get ready for this because the list is huge, is has tools for Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, Android, iOS and Kodi
I will list some of the ones I feel are the best (to me) starting with Windows:
  • Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera to transfer supported links, and to change location (VPN) while surfing.
  • JDownloader to optimize your downloads from your cloud storage
  • Chromecast – wirelessly stream audio and video from your cloud to any Chromecast supporte device (like Google Chromecast Dongle)
  • WebDav 
  • FTP – This way you can download (and upload) files from your cloud to your pc
  • Alt.Binz, SABnzbd, NZBGet news readers integration – news readers are still very much in use and there is a TON of files that are accesible there
  • Kodi – Koi is an open source media center that you can install on many devices to play videos, music, pictures and other files like live tv.  You can set it up to play your files.
  • VOIP Client – you can use the clients to make phone calls over the internet (their prices are also not bad at all)
  • SoftEther, OpenVPN, PPTP and SSTP protocols to use as VPN and protect your privacy.
Trust me, this is a HANDFULL of tools to use, I think many people wont use as many as they provide.
This was just for Windows.
macOS also has an extensive list of tools very similar to the ones offered for Windows.
As a notable mention they have Airplay for iOS – you can stream your files from your cloud to any Airplay supported device like Apple TV
RSS Automation.  You can automated the download to your cloud storage from any RSS feed and program it to download everything or just new files
VPN Servers – as I already mentioned privacy is a high priority here, so they provide a list os servers that you can connect to as well as instructions on how to connect.  I will test this with some video companies to see how they stand.
You can enable your download history (disabled by default)
FTP access, WeBDAV access (you can use a WebDAV client – I will write more about this in another article) 
VOIP Calls – call anyone anywhere in the world using their systems.  They provide setup instructions and they have very fair calling rates.
So all in all this is an AWESOME tool to get, the price is great and they also allow you to earn free days with your referal link.
This means that if you tell others about their service with your referal link AND people signes up you will both (the person you referred and you) will get an extra 15 days if the person suscribes in their first 30 days.
Nathan's Review

Premiumize rocks

This article is as you can see a long list of things that you can do with premiumize.
There is for content hoarders and for people that love downloading files from the web very little down side.  
You can paste links from your mobile so you have your files ready even when you are on the road.
Very much worth giving it a try and a look.
And give them a try


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