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Never thought I would see something like this

Those that know me know that I spend HOURS per month finding the best host – the fastest and the cheapest

For years I swore by the big names and for years I used one that I thought was the best – cloudways.

I have also tried others like cloudcone – which has amazing prices and offers…

But – NOT EVEN ONE COMES CLOSE to how fast Dongee is. And I mean it is FAST.

Here is the secret to this very unknown company:

They use AWS servers.

That is it, the magic sauce, the thing that is by far the most awesome and amazing hosting I have found.

It makes your wordpress websites FLY.

Not only that, it works amazingly well with my favorite plugins and themes.

I increased a site from a 50 rating speed to a 91 rating speed by switching it over to Dongee (and tweaking it with my favorite plugins, which I will discuss on another post).

You account grants you a cpanel with an amazing response rate.

You can create a wordpress site in seconds, an ecommerce store just as fast.

Here is my promise to you:

Get Dongee hosting, I don’t care who you are with you are going to thank me.


SEND ME YOUR RECEIPT [email protected]

And I will send you the following information (not the actual plugins, some are free, some are for a fee):

  • The best plugin to build sites that I use (there is a free version)
  • The best theme for sites that I use (there is a free version)
  • The best plugin to transfer ANY size wordpress sites FOR FREE
  • The plugins I use to speed up, optimize and protect my websites (link so you can get them – this also includes hosting that is “fast” for wordpress but honestly, Dongee is faster).
  • A 5 Night hotel stay in Cancun or 3 night hotel stay in Las Vegas (you only have to pay the taxes that are about $20 USD per night).  This is insane AND real. No timeshare – REAL hotel vacation.
So what are you waiting for?
Get your hosting to the next level and claim all my bonuses.


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