John Delavera’s crazy NAAS deal

This deal is crazy You might not know me very well, or then again you might know I’m a techie.I’m also an internet marketer.

I don’t often find people that I can admire in my life, some internet marketers have millions but I don’t like the way they make them.

In internet marketing you have to be honest and you have to live by a code.

John has been a mentor and a person who has taught me how to be an internet marketer and the values.

John invented what many of the things that we know today about internet marketing, he is the grandfather of Internet Marketing and he also created something amazing.

I constantly (specially 10 years ago) was able to get the products of other internet marketers by doing a simple google search.  Some required a bit more skill, but in the end I could get pretty much everything without having to pay for it (I would then write to the owner and offer consulting services).

I was a very happy “hacker” till I met the first product I could not get… not only that I could not get past the “gate”. That gate was “Fantasos”.

I researched and I found John Delavera, the maker of “Fantasos” the only system I was not able to break into.

John then made Fantasos into what is now Delavo.

Basically a 1 million dollar program to centralize all your internet marketing.

It is a genious program, invented by a genious man.

John is now offering a Newsletter as a Service where he does everything for the people that join (spaces are limited).

He asked me how much I would charge for something like what he offers and I answered “from 1.5 to 3k” just for the website part.

John is over delivering on a “Do it everything for you” deal that is just crazy.

Visit it now and get in while you still can.




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